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MO Abudu explains why “The Wedding Party” was a success and why they decided to make a sequel.

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In an interview with Genevieve Magazine, the CEO of EbonyLife Films Mo Abudu, spoke about the success of the movie, the reason for a sequel and why Kemi Adetiba, who directed the 1st movie, didn’t return for the sequel.

On the success of “The Wedding Party

“I think the success of the Wedding Party was the fact that it was relatable.

“It cuts across all social strata, it was star-studded, it was funny, entertaining, great production value, we had a wonderful premiere, great marketing and supportive sponsors that made so many things happen.”

On the reason for a sequel

“There is more story to tell, so we wanted to take the opportunity to tell it. Now The Wedding Party is an ELFIKE COLLECTIVE PRODUCTION a combination of EbonyLife Films,  Filmone, Koga and Inkblot.

“I have to say there is value in partnership when they work, and our Wedding Party 2 story was actually by a member of our Collective, Naz Onuzo of Ink Blot. Incredible script.

And the title to our sequel is “The Wedding Party 2, Destination Dubai”. We retained literally all of our original cast and we have a few new faces as well. We shot on location in Lagos and Dubai.

“We promise not to let you down this Christmas!”

On Niyi Akinmolayan replacing Kemi Adetiba

Kemi was not available at the time of our shoot. I love and respect her dearly and look forward to working with her again.”

The sequel follows the romance between Nonso Onwuka (Enyinna Nwigwe) and Deirdre (Daniella Down), the bridesmaid from London.

“The Wedding Party 2” is expected to debut in cinemas on December 10, 2017.

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