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This video and song is everything! The video is produced by @stanleeohikhuare from his award winning movie @idahosatrails … It is such a powerful illustration of how God is always there. He watches over His children because of the great seed inside of us. When I think of the testimony of my late Father in Law's life (Archbishop Benson Idahosa) and how God miraculously saved him from death as a child, the miracles that followed him everywhere he went and the massive legacy He has left behind, it emboldens my faith to believe in God's power. God can intervene in every situation we face. There is nothing and no one beyond His reach. . . @officialosas , your tears in this video reflect the soul of so many. God bless you. . . Thank you @onosariyo for this song and for the strength that it is giving to me and to so many around the world. May God continue to inspire you to compose more. You are truly a gift to us and to the body of Christ. . @stanleeohikhuare , you are simply amazing. There are no words to express our gratitude. Keep the flame burning for the Kingdom. We love you!

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