A neighborhood full of rough, fake and real life experiences. Three sisters, ZIGZAG, SUGAR and NKEM are caught in the gap. The first two must protect their last sister from the rough edges of the entire mess. The street is strict. NKEM (Adaeze Aduaka) the last in the sisters is deeply in Love with a local footballer, the best around, OKOCHA (Justice Slik). The return of Okocha’s best friend, BOBBY (Emeka Amakeze) from Ghana who incidentally falls in love with Nkem without knowing she is her best friend’s girlfriend brings a fracture that will last a long while. Events get complicated when Nkem is raped and consequently kidnapped.
ZIGZAG and SUGAR try dragging their local cult SISTERS UNION into a war with the prime suspect, Okocha. But STREET MAMA (Camilla Mbrekpe), the head of the cult refuses as she has always wanted Okocha as his ‘sugar boy’. Hell is let loose as the two sisters break away from the union and must use all means possible to find their missing sister.
The street turns bloody as it becomes on one hand, Okocha’s ‘Local Manchi’ cult group against Bobby’s imported University ‘Green Army cult’. On the other hand the Sisters Union divides into two; queuing behind Ezenwanyi and the other behind Zigzag and Sugar.
Who really is behind the rape and kidnap? It is a neighbourhood you must feed or be fed on.

UCHENNA AGBO is a multitalented Theatre and Film Studies graduate from the prestigious, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria.
He has written, produced and directed over ten feature movies in Nollywood. Some of his works include; Naira Republic, Official Zombies, Prodigal Daughter, The Judgement, The Contest, Drum of Love, Broken Circle, amongst others. His short films include; Pray or Die, (premiered at Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) in 2015, Caught in the Act and The Call
He wrote, produced and Directed OGBE—the movie.

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  1. Amaka June 7, 2016

    Good story, really looking forward to seeing the movie.