A story of a dead husband and a delusional wife.

The Production company said the movie #onthebrink cost them 40 million and the rain, lightning and thunderstorms effects were all point. Is not a Nollywood regular kind of film, they are here to compete with Hollywood and with full confidence and pride.

Watch one of their teaser:

Stan Nze played Andrew on this one, an overzealous security man that does everything not to be stupid but his every move sounds hilarious and stupid while guarding a dead husband and delusional wife, with robbers to contend with few meters away, everything is on the brink here, the reason will surprised you. #OnTheBrink, how do we get rid of this ghost? A @safproduction concept, produced by Crey Ahanonu directed by  EmekaDibia Emelobe and Sobe Charles Umeh.  Stanley Obi assisted the directors, Associate producers simon peacemaker, lenix multimedia and Charles Granville”


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