Yesterday 28th of December was @uchejombo birthday.

Her friends, family members, Co-stars had different things to say about her. This @ikennaebue birthday wishes “Happy birthday to a wonderful friend and an amazing sister… @uchejombo The G.O (General Overseer) of UJ Ministries Worldwide. You have touched many lives in more ways than you can ever know. You always say that your greatest joy comes from seeing the people in the ministry growing big.
With your support and passionate mentoring, indeed every one of us in the ministry is doing great…breaking new grounds and taking the world. God will continue to increase you. YOU ARE A HUGE BLESSING TO THIS GENERATION.”


@babyjuleswow “I didn’t know the possibility of falling in love with a friend over and over again, but that’s the situation I’m in with you. We have been friends before names became brands and brands got endorsed. Every paragraph of my life’s story has you in it as a MAJOR cheerleader and support system. Your believe in me is overwhelming and brings the best out of me. You give emotionally, spiritually and physically and it’s always without strings. You know the value of what is in you and god damn you refuse to let the world stop you. You inspire me in the most positive ways possible and for that I’m so thankful. You love me hard, I know that and I do not take it for granted. It’s been my greatest pleasure watching you dream and seeing your dreams come true. I pray for you my sister, that today stands as the beginning of greater dreams coming true for you and may your joy continuously overflow. Happy birthday to the best friend alive @uchejombo ”


To crown it all @uchejombo is an incredible person with a big heart. Happy Birthday Mummy Mathew.




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