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“The Last 3 Digits” coming to the cinema Nov 27.

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Directed by Moses Inwang and produced by Padita Agu, ‘Three Digits’ stars Nonso Diobi, Dr SID, Padita Agu, Bimbo Manuel, Rachel Oniga, Abiola Atanda (Madam Kofo), Yemi Blaq, Moyo Lawal, Kevin Ikeduba, Ali Baba, AY, Don Jazzy, MI among others.


much trouble can one get into for dialling a wrong number? To what length would a man go to find his lost love?

The story centres on a young man (Alex) and his search for Audrey after their brief meeting in the shopping mall, she gave him an incomplete phone digits.

Watch the trailer and see how In desperation, Alex begins to input random three digits numbers.

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