There is so much excitement in Nollywood for this year’s Toronto International Film Festival especially as TIFF chose Lagos for its “City To City” spotlight.

What this means is that 8 movies – The Wedding Party, 93 days, The Arbitration, Okafor’s Law, 76, Green White Green, Just Not Married and Taxi Driver – will premiere at the international film festival.

The lineup showcases gutsy new works by contemporary directors living and working in one of the world’s biggest film industries. It’s a huge opportunity for Nollywood to showcase the Nigerian movie industry as a fast-growing sector in the economy.

When the festival artistic director Cameron Bailey talked about Lagos, he said

“Vital, complex and inspiring, Lagos is entirely unique. The city of Fela Kuti’s music has also given birth to one of the world’s most vibrant film industries. The 1,000 low-budget features ‘Nollywood’ produces each year generate about $1-billion in the box office. Now, from that commercial hotbed, a new generation of filmmakers is emerging to both advance and challenge Nollywood. Bigger budgets, greater artistic ambition – the new cinema of Lagos is bold, exciting, and ready to take its place on the international stage. We’re excited to share the creativity of this remarkable city’s filmmakers with TIFF audiences in September.”

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